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Let ENHANCED web SERVICES scan, custom design, or update your existing logo to enhance your corporate image. We can save your logo in a variety of graphic formats as well as a True Type Font for ease of use in any medium produced on your computer.
  Logo Enhancement

ENHANCED web SERVICES offers many solutions to enhance your company or organization logo. We can design a new logo to establish your corporate identity, or expand upon an existing logo by adding color, animation, or an updated look. We can also convert your logo to a True Type Font, increasing the number of ways in which you can use it in letters, documents, ads, brochures, and presentations.

What can we do with your logo?
We can do a lot! Listed below are several ways in which we can enhance your logo:

Listed below are just a few examples of custom logos, animated GIF's, and True Type Fonts:

Custom Logos
Enhanced Web Services Custom Logo Enhanced Web Services Custom Logo

Animated GIF's
Enhanced Web Services Custom Logo

True Type Fonts
Enhanced Web Services Custom Logo
The above logo was created using a True Type Logo Font in Adobe Photoshop. The larger image is 80 point type face, while the smaller one is 15 point type face. Notice that no matter the point size, the font maintains a smooth appearance with no jaggies. If you would like to download this sample font to experiment with, click here.

Because each logo and enhancement can vary, there is no set pricing for this service. Our standard pricing for graphics and programming is $90 per hour. Call ENHANCED web SERVICES for a quote.

Call ENHANCED web SERVICES today for a FREE quote on your logo design or enhancement at 979-492-3367 or send us an email at info@getenhanced.com.


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